Complete Cryogenic Repairs

Lawson Cryogenic Manufacturing & Repair offers a full line of trailer maintenance and repair services including vacuum investigation and complete rehabilitation projects.

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Extend the Life of Your Cryogenic Equipment

With Our Expertise

We’re a group of experienced cryogenic technicians on a mission to keep your equipment safe and reliable. From valve rebuilds and structural repairs to complete rehabilitation, we have the knowledge and experience to get your cryogenic equipment back to where it should be.
Full Line of Repair Services

Cryogenic Repairs

Cost-effective and high-quality repair solutions, following strict safety guidelines. Lawson’s repair services range from full trailer rehabs to suspension work and everything in-between.
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Complete Trailer Rehab Solutions

Cryogenic Rehabs

Full rehab and maintenance solutions for trailers serving the industrial gas industry. Lawson’s capabilities include the rehabilitation of UN-portable, cryogenic, and CO2 trailers.
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Maintenance, Repair, and Testing

Fleet Maintenance

Need a new maintenance program or someone to run your current one? You can trust Lawson to manage the ins and outs of your fleet.
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Keep Your Equipment Up to Date

Trailer Inspections and Testing

Cryogenics involves the transportation of hazardous materials, making it vital to keep equipment safe and healthy. Regain confidence in your cryogenic equipment with consistent inspections and testing.
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Lawson is Designed to Solve Your Cryogenic and Industrial Gas Issues

With over 100 years of combined experience in the cryogenic and industrial gas industry, Lawson specializes in cryogenic trailer rehabs and repairs. Our technicians have the skills and certifications needed to perform exactly what you need. Companies from across the nation look to us to provide industry-leading services including major accident repairs, vacuum investigations, and DOT inspections.
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Here’s What Satisfied Customers Say About Working With Lawson Cryogenic

At Air Liquide Trinidad we have hunted for Intermodal Cryogenic Tank Repair shops over the years. Our last find, and likely our shop for some time to come, has been Lawson. Because we are located remotely we depend a lot on trusting the provider with technical assessments and honesty in reporting. Lawson is the first shop that meets all of our requirements. Price and turnaround times are good, we have never had rework, and importantly, when problems are smaller than we suspected, Lawson has had the integrity to accurately report their findings and drop their estimates accordingly.

Nigel Jagdeo, Maintenance Manager at Air Liquide

Lawson Cryogenic keeps our production constant, ensuring all ISO containers are inspected and ready to go. Being one of the world’s largest producers of Liquefied Natural Gas, we need someone we can trust. Every single container that comes through is tested for safety and reliability and is always in perfect working condition. Simply put, Mike and his team knows what to do, and does it really well.

Kevin Mungal, Operations Superintendent at Atlantic LNG

Let's Work Together

Lawson Cryogenic Manufacturing & Repair is committed to providing best-in-class services tailored to our customers rapidly changing needs.
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